Price to Win Analysis:
Process and Fundamental Concepts

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• Always follow ethical practices

• Leverage public (never proprietary) information sources

• Gain insight into your competition for government contracts

Increase Your Chances
for Success with
Competitive Intelligence

• Sector-level priority bids

• Strategic bids

• Division-level priority bids

Designed Specifically for
Government Competitive
Pricing Analysis

• Benefit from working pricing models

• Receive an independent competitive pricing analysis

• Price to Win: Price your proposal to win

The Stakes Are High
When Making a
Bid/No-Bid Decision

• Win with enhanced WRAP rate analysis

• Leverage public (never proprietary) information sources

• Utilize advanced analytics

Know Your Competition
Better Than They
Know Themselves

• Mock scoring and bid strategies

• Strengths & Weaknesses

• Competitor profiles for government contracts

Get Actionable
Intelligence with
Black Hat Reviews

Increase Your Chances for Success with Our Independent Analysis

Price to Win Services

• Independent analysis reveals the competitive pricing landscape

• Helps prepare your proposal cost volume to increase your Probability of Win

Competitive Intelligence

• Detailed competitive assessments of markets and individual opportunity pursuits

• Black hat role playing service available

WRAP Rate Analysis

• An exclusive product for government competitive pricing analysis

• Includes a detailed WRAP rate analysis for the competitive bidding entity

McNulty & Associates provides custom Price-to-Win (PTW) analysis and related competitive research services. Our clients are leading government and defense firms, including 9 of the top 10 on Washington Technology’s Top 100 ranking and 15 of the top 20! Our work is proven and our long-standing repeat customers rely on us. We are a veteran-owned small business founded in 2003.

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