About Us

About Us

McNulty & Associates is an industry leading provider of Price to Win (PTW) analysis and related Competitive Intelligence and Assessments. We support many of the leading public sector firms providing services to the US Government.

Led by Michael McNulty, our team of research analysts, technology experts, pricing and financial analysts, technologists and parametric modelers provide our clients with exceptional insights and understanding of the program, budget, competitive landscape and pricing for their must-win opportunities.

We analyze the opportunity, budget, competitive landscape, and historical program data. We apply our proven processes combining our technical, competitive, and programmatic experience with leading parametric estimating tools to develop reliable estimates and forecasts. We apply a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure maximum accuracy.

Our clients benefit from our unique combination of decades of experience coupled with innovative processes to solve their competitive challenges. We are deeply grateful and honored by the large amount of repeat business we have.

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