Price to Win

Price to Win Overview Video

Our Price to Win (PTW) process has been developed over decades.

  • We go through a top-down analysis, where we look at historical spending, budgets, and customer buying behaviors to determine the government’s should-cost – what the government thinks it should cost – because it probably won’t be more than that.
  • Next, we do a bottoms-up analysis, which begins with engineering-based Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development. This includes any systems architecture work that is required to build the bill of materials for hardware and software.
  • Then, we build out fully burdened labor by pricing Direct Labor, WRAP Rates, Fee, and Material Handling. Our analysis follows the timeline and progression of the program, and it is priced in the government’s CLIN structure so our clients can compare our estimates with theirs.

The resulting deliverables and calculations are reviewed line by line, so our clients understand how we built them.  Our deliverables are working models, so our clients can test changes and the resulting numbers.

Clients receive deliverables at several stages throughout the engagement, not in one big drop. When we start work at the DRFP stage, we do our first estimates on one competitor, which we review with our client’s technical, financial, pricing, and capture management teams. We model the remaining competitors and iterate on the DRFP and RFP, as well as any amendments, all the way until final submission. As each engagement matures, we send several maturing versions of pricing workbooks and slide decks. This progressive delivery ensures our clients can utilize our materials in early technical and solution review, pricing reviews, and capture planning.

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