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Government contract awards often go to the lowest-priced proposal, even when the evaluation criteria states that offers will be evaluated as Best Value. To be successful in this price-driven market, knowing the competition, their pricing strategies, and how to counter them is the basis of modern Price to Win.

What is Price to Win?

Price to Win as a number, is the bid price needed to win a competitive procurement. Price to Win as a process, is an iterative effort to model the competitions’ solution, build up and forecast their bid prices, and assess how they will likely score on non-price items. Equipped with this insight, capture and pricing teams can confidently dial in their bid price, increasing their probability of winning.

When to do Price to Win?

Large re-competes are clear candidates for Price to Win because growth requires keeping and growing existing programs. In order to unseat incumbents, hungry competitors usually propose a lower price. Incumbents know this and will, in turn, drop their price. Competitors anticipate this, and will need to bid lower than the incumbent. Where will they end up, and when should you chase them and when should you stand your ground? These dynamics must be clearly understood to remove the risk of losing valuable portfolio programs.

Strategic growth opportunities, where bidders are trying to unseat incumbents, or win new programs are also strong candidates for Price to Win. There are more unknowns, especially if it’s a new program, and bidding positions don’t have incumbency advantages. Net new programs also represent a clear revenue growth path which drives senior leaders to get creative in their win strategy and competitive on price. Beating them requires you to know the competition better than they know themselves. By offering alternative technical approaches, independent cost estimates, and possible gaming maneuvers competitors will employ, well executed Price to Win analysis increases your odds of winning.

Why Choose McNulty & Associates for Price to Win?

With our historical accuracy in forecasting bid prices and our proven Price to Win approach, we have helped customers win billions of dollars in contracts, not counting IDIQs. We are fully transparent and show you exactly how we arrived at our numbers and conclusions, and we give you our fully functional pricing workbooks. You get our independent, engineering-based analysis, reference architectures, parametric model organic files, every PowerPoint file, every Excel file—everything. And we will explain it all to your management and technical team. We will also never ask you anything about your rates, workload and cost estimates, or pricing strategy – keeping us 100% independent as if we were your competition, who is trying to beat you.

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