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Today, winning government contracts is no longer based on who has the best technical solution. It often boils down to lowest price, technically acceptable bids, even when the evaluation criteria claim to be Best Value, which is why Price to Win is critical.

Compete in the Government Market with Price to Win

If you want to win government contracts, you need to get your pricing right. That means your price must be lower than your competitors! In order to do that, you need to know where they are likely to bid, so you don’t either bid too high (and lose the contract) or bid too low (and leave money on the table).

What is Price to Win?

Price to Win is a practice that begins months (or more) before an RFP comes out. The end result is essentially an estimate of the winning price for a specific government procurement. An accurate Price to Win forecasts competitors’ bid prices using tools, including advanced parametric modeling and analytics, to get the best estimate.

Why Choose McNulty & Associates for Price to Win?

With our historical accuracy in forecasting bids and our proven Price to Win approach, we have helped customers win billions of dollars in contracts. Also, we are fully transparent – we show you how we do everything, and we give you working file. You get our analysis, reference architectures, parametric model organic files, every PowerPoint file, every Excel file—everything. And we will explain it all to your management and technical team.

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