Price to Win

Our Price to Win Analysis Approach

Top-Down Price to Win Analysis

Looking from the customer’s perspective, we determine what we believe a top-down estimate of the price the customer is willing to pay for a particular opportunity.

Bottom-Up Price to Win Analysis

Looking from the competitor’s perspective, we estimate what each competitor will bid. This is a very detailed engineering-based approach to the requirements using the latest tools in parametric modeling and advanced pricing analytics.

Final Price to Win Product with Gaming

Using both top-down and bottom-up analysis and incorporation of gaming maneuvers aggressive bidders will employ, we provide a complete competitive pricing forecast for most competitive bidders, showing our customers what pricing they should submit to win.

We Don’t Use Your Technical Information!

We work with you to make sure we understand the requirements of the RFP, then provide a completely independent analysis that includes the technical solution, strategy, gaming, and what your competitors will likely be bidding to help you Price to Win!

We Nail the Numbers!

Historically, McNulty & Associates has been extremely accurate in forecasting competitors’ bid prices. With this information in hand and our proven Price to Win strategy our clients have won Billions of dollars in contract awards.

We Show Our Work

We do the analysis and we show you how we did it. We show you how we do everything. You get the analysis, reference architectures, parametric model organic files, every PowerPoint file, every Excel file—everything. And we will explain it all to your management and technical team.

All calculations are derived from publicly available data sources. No proprietary information is ever used in any analysis.

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