Black Hat Reviews

Black Hat Reviews

Black Hat reviews are one of the most important capture activities. This formal step in the capture process takes an objective look at each competitor’s win strategy, citable past performance, financial and bidding position, technology and capabilities, key corporate developments and hires, and ultimately how they will score against the non-price evaluation criteria.

A good Black Hat should leave the capture team feeling vulnerable, exposed, and less optimistic. It should also identify which weaknesses need to be addressed, and which competitors deserve more attention when it comes to pricing and the proposal. If, on the other hand, the consensus response is a positive outlook, it’s likely that the competitive intelligence was incomplete, perceptions were clouded with bias, or the black hat was simply a check the box exercise.

How do we support?


Read-ahead Competitive Assessments, and pre-populated competitor slides

Competitor team representation

Why choose McNulty & Associates?

Experience. The McNulty team has facilitated, participated in, or provided supporting competitor data to hundreds of black hats over our careers. Our approach draws from best practices at 9 of the top 10 Government contractors on Washington Technology’s Top 100 ranking and 15 of the top 20, as well as other, smaller contractors.

Independent and unbiased. Because we’re external consultants, we’re forced to be objective and call it like we see it. Without this perspective, it’s easy to underestimate your Competition.

Bang for your buck. When you hire McNulty for Black Hats as well as Price to Win/Competitive Assessment support, the requisite competitive analysis for the Black Hat will already be done, leading to a lower cost engagement, and a direct link between these capture activities.

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