Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory Services

M&A employs a consultative process that starts and ends with interactive sessions. We understand your needs up-front so that we can tailor the research to help determine the most valuable actionable recommendations to help you succeed.

M&A projects cover a number of topic areas, and each project can be tailored to include only those items of interest to each client. We a variety of data sources, with each engagement including reachback to the entire team of M&A consultants.

Each engagement concludes with a set of actionable recommendations that address the specific project objectives.

We have capabilities in the following areas:

  • Competitor Profiles
  • Market Studies and Assessments
  • Customer Profiles
  • Opportunity Identification and Pipeline Development
  • Go-to-Market Plans
  • Customer Satisfaction and Due Diligence

Why use M&A for SAS?

  • Unparalleled expertise in capture management, business development, strategy, competitive analysis, market analysis, and management consulting
  • Dedicated to the government market: DoD, Civilian, Intel, State and Local
  • True independent advisors
  • Trusted partners: each engagement is tailored to specific customer needs
  • Situational awareness based on latest market characteristics and trends
  • Exclusive research to each customer
  • Extensive in-house qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities
  • Interactive kick-off and delivery process
  • Valuable extension of in-house market research and strategy capability

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