Strategic Advisory

Customer Satisfaction & Due Diligence

McNulty & Associates gives you real-world recommendations for improvement. Repeatable process for annual performance metrics analysis and progress toward improvement. For M&A activity, receive an unbiased, outsider’s look at the acquisition target. Vet candidates prior to the acquisition activity for accurate decision-making and valuation.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Pulse a set of your customers to gauge:
    • Their overall satisfaction with the contract
    • The quality of services you provide
    • Your ability to staff the contract and provide qualified personnel
    • Your compliance with the contract
    • Your responsiveness to customer requests
    • Your ability to resolve issues quickly and completely
    • Your ability to manage contract costs
  • Note areas for improvement and customer recommendations
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative analysis on results
  • Can be repeated annually for comparative purposes

Due Diligence

  • Close look at acquisition target
    • Financials
    • Past performance
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Identify previously uncovered information
  • Customer satisfaction study of acquisition target
    • How well are they doing on their current contracts?
    • What issues have they fixed in the past?
    • What issues do they need to correct, and how severe are they?
    • How well are they staffing?
    • How well do they manage costs?
    • Are there any compliance issues?
    • How effective is their program management?

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