Strategic Advisory

Opportunity Identification & Pipeline Development

McNulty & Associates offers you the opportunity to explore partnership or subcontracting opportunities with in-place contractors. Early positioning for suspected recompetes. Prioritize and validate B&P expenditures. Understand future customer needs to help shape procurement activity. High-level analysis of initiatives that can be transformed into tactical bid pursuits. Present solutions for your customers’ documented problems. Proactive market research that is one step ahead of the competition. Reach customers before procurement sensitivity becomes an issue. Data-driven bid/no bid decisions. Strategic recommendations for focused pursuit on must-win programs.

Pipeline Development for Known, Planned Programs

  • Identification and analysis of existing contracts mapped to your solution areas and/or key customers:
    • Contractor(s)
    • Size, scope, funding
    • Preference program or procurement strategy
    • Award value and reported spending to date
    • Exhibit 300 insight
    • Congressional or other program scrutiny (GAO, OIG)
    • Expiration date
    • Positive or negative press coverage on program or incumbent performance

New Opportunity Identification

  • Emerging programs of interest:
    • Budget line items or Exhibit 300s not yet visible in FedBizOpps (FBO)
    • New budget line items not included in prior year IT Budget
    • DoD Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) analysis
    • Agency strategic planning or IRM/IT documents that disclose priorities
    • Items embedded in briefings or reports that will lead to future spending
    • Key areas of concern from OIG, GAO (e.g., high risk list), Congressional inquiries, or other visible scrutiny that may lead to a shift in priorities

Deal Qualification

  • For a specific program or programs of interest:
    • Identify the likely scope of services/products
    • Provide a conceptual schedule of procurement milestones
    • Identify customer POCs so your BD group can follow-up
    • Key tangential or companion programs
    • Identify and recommend strategic partners
      • Technology-specific companies
      • Small businesses
      • Partners with strong customer relationships
    • Identify likely competitors
      • High-level look at qualifications
      • High-level look at strengths and weaknesses
    • Positioning recommendations
      • Bid/No Bid
      • Prime/Sub
      • High-level capture strategy

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